Monday, February 15, 2016
By Jed Williams
Pocket Listings

Think outside the agency

The best opportunity your home will have on the market is when as many people as possible see it. There are some agents who will try to convince you that a pocket listing is a good idea. They will open your home to only a select few people, possibly only the other agents in their firms. They may play to your insecurities about having strangers walk through your home or your neighbors finding out you’re selling your home.

The truth is, they can maybe get your home sold with these listings, especially if you have all the time in the world. Realistically, that means you’ll most likely be sitting on the market for a while and probably won’t sell your home for near as much as you could have otherwise. If your agent is trying to tell you this is the best option for you, he probably means that it’s the best option for him. He doesn’t have to put together marketing materials for your listing, he doesn’t have to hold open houses, and it can take low priority on his work load.

Your home has the best chance on the market, especially today’s buyer’s market, when as many people as possible see it. Yes, preparing your home for an open house is a lot of work, but we have professional stagers on staff who will be with you at every step. Our agents go through extensive training on how to run an open house to make sure your home is as secure as possible whenever we enter. Restricting foot traffic in your home just guarantees that many people will never see your home. It does not guarantee that your home is any more secure or that your neighbors won’t figure out that you’re selling.

You will be paying your agent, so shouldn’t you be getting more out of him than just a select few showings of your home? You deserve to get more out of the transaction. You deserve an agent who will be working hard for you. And at Hagan, you don’t just get an agent, you get an entire staff. Your agent will work closely with the staff photographer, going with her to your home to make sure the best assets of your home are exemplified for the marketing materials. The staff writer will also go to this visit to make sure she also knows exactly what to put into writing that maybe pictures can’t capture. The three of them will then sit down with the Marketing Director to ensure the materials that are produced are perfect for the listing.

Materials they produce will be distributed at open houses, community restaurants or other highly trafficked businesses, and as sign fliers, ensuring that as many people as possible are exposed to your property. One of the great things about the metro area’s housing market is the unending potential to find buyers. With such a great population density comes the even greater possibility of finding your perfect buyer.

Jed WilliamsJed Williams
Principle Broker and founder of Hagan Realty