Monday, November 16, 2015
By Jed Williams
Humidifying Your Home

With the onset of winter comes the onset of a number of problems for your health and your home. Many of the problems we encounter during winter months are due to the increased dryness that heating our homes causes. There is one solution that can treat almost all of your and your home’s ailments: humidifying your home. While there is one good solution, there are many different ways to go about achieving it.

Health problems you might experience are broadly related to the respiratory system. You may have increased snoring, nose bleeds, allergies, and coughing. Low humidity can also up your chances to develop a cold or the flu. Additionally, you may experience dry, cracked skin.

Your home might also suffer. If humidity in your home falls below 35-40%, you’ll notice increased static electricity. In addition to your clothes clinging to your body, whenever you touch a door knob or any number of objects, you may experience an electric shock. Your electronics can emit this shock too, sometimes causing damage to them. The wood in your home, including flooring, door frames, and mouldings, lose moisture and can split at the seams. Wallpaper can start peeling. Houseplants may need to be watered more frequently, or may not be able to retain enough moisture at all, causing them to die. By properly humidifying your home, you may also save money on your electric bill. When the air around us is cool and dry, we tend to feel colder than when it is cold and moist. Humidifying your home can help you be able to set your thermostat at a lower level while still maintaining the same level of comfort.

So which solution to humidifying your home is best for you? There are warm mist humidifiers, steam vaporizers, cool mist humidifiers, and console, or whole house, humidifiers. Warm mist and steam vaporizers add a little bit of steam to your home, making it a bit warmer. Many of these types of humidifiers also allow you to add a bit of medication to the water, giving you that option if you’re already sick. Cool mist humidifiers are recommended by many pediatricians not only for their ability to efficiently humidify your room, but because there is no chance of a heat source to hurt a child. Console, or whole house, humidifiers are located in or next to your home’s duct work, and humidify your home without much thought on your end. You need to set the level of humidity you want your home to stay at, and the humidifier does the rest of the work. If you’re planning on replacing your furnace, it might be a good idea to look into adding a console humidifier. If, however, you don’t need a new furnace, but think a whole home humidifier is something you want to add to your home, getting one installed is probably not a huge deal. They can usually be added to existing home systems for a fairly inexpensive price.

As we get further into this winter season, you may want to consider adding one or more of these humidifiers to your home. With the exception of the console, they all have a short range of square footage that they will humidify, so be sure to read the packaging to make sure you are buying one big enough or buying multiples to keep your whole home safe and healthy.

Jed WilliamsJed Williams
Principle Broker and founder of Hagan Realty