Monday, February 2, 2015
By Jed Williams
Agent Knows Best

When buying and selling real estate in the DC Metro Area, there are a lot of things that buyers and sellers must consider. Once you determine where you want to live among the three jurisdictions, you then need to determine which town to live in, and then possibly narrow it down to neighborhood. You’ll want to consider distance to work and leisure activities, what your commute will look like, and what school your kids will attend. You’ll need to determine which type of home best suites your lifestyle – a high rise condo, a low maintenance townhome, or a quiet single family home. From there you will determine what you can afford and if you want to live somewhere with a home owners’ association. Once you have all of those details figured out and you’re on the verge of purchasing the home of your dreams, you’ll need to negotiate the contract and figure out financing.

Of course your real estate agent helps along the way. In fact, your real estate agent can open your eyes to many things you may not have otherwise considered. You may have your heart set on a single family home, but after discussions with your agent, you realize that what you’re really after is the close-knit community with which you grew up. You’ll be shocked that your agent wants to take you to see a townhome, but once you see all of the neighborhood children playing in the courtyard, you’ll feel right at home. Maybe you don’t have a car, so you think you need to live next door to the Metro. Your agent knows the noise generated from the Metro Rail at all hours of the day, early morning, and late night can be very disruptive. He may show you one just a block or two away, and that is probably what you really desire.

Agents have been used by buyers for decades for a reason. Their trusted opinions, knowledge of the markets, and in depth studies of neighborhoods are what people need. Many people, especially in the DC Metro Area, don’t have time to sit down and generate a list of neighborhoods and houses that they would like to see. They don’t have the time to do their research to find out if a certain area would work for them or not. That’s your agent’s job. They love that aspect of the job, and after doing so much research for hundreds of clients, they know the area really well. Your agent also has the vision to see a home as its bare bones. Clutter, bad paint colors, and outdated furniture can cloud your judgment as to if a home would work for you. That’s understandable. We look past it all and can help you see your lifestyle in a home. Likewise, a model home will always be attractive. With its professionally decorated rooms and fully upgraded options, who wouldn’t want to move in right away? But can you wait through construction? Will those upgrades price the home out of your budget? Your agent can help you navigate every home you see to make sure it’s what you want.

You may end up at the closing table with a home that is totally different from what you imagined you wanted when you first started dreaming of buying. That’s okay. Our agents are trained to listen to what you are and are not saying to find you exactly what you want. We won’t sit down at a closing table with you unless we’re sure you’re happy. We just need you to trust the process and that we really do have your best interests at heart.

Jed WilliamsJed Williams
Principle Broker and founder of Hagan Realty